Jewelry Storage Solutions

If you're anything like me, your jewelry collection is always growing and storage can become an issue. This is also one of the most-asked questions I get so I've rounded up some of my favorite storage solutions so you can keep your jewelry organized and easy to find.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for jewelry storage:

  • Use small trays or divided compartments to keep individual pieces from getting tangled together.
  • Store necklaces and bracelets on hooks or pegs mounted on the wall or inside a cabinet door. This keeps them from getting tangled and also makes them easy to grab when you're getting dressed.
  • Invest in a good jewelry box. It doesn't have to be expensive, but make sure it has compartments or dividers to keep things sorted. 


1. 3 Piece Stackable Jewelry Box   2. 3-Drawer Acrylic Box 3. 5-Drawer Acrylic Jewelry Box   4. 3-Tiered Brass Stand   5. 3-Tiered Necklace & Earring Stand

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