Amazon Best Sellers 2022- Home

You all loved my roundup of the fashion best sellers for the year, so I've pulled together last year's best sellers from the home category as well. I have and own every single one of these items, and they're all staples in our household.  Most of these items I use every single day, like the jewelry organizer, portable phone charger, magnetic measuring spoons, and bamboo salt cellar.  Oh, and my children refuse to sleep now without their beloved star night light!  
1. Candy & Nut Serving Platter- Great for pool days with kids!
2. iWalk- Perfect phone charger for your purse
3. Carbon Monoxide Detector- We never travel without this life saving device
4. Throw Blanket- Feels just like the popular barefoot dreams blanket 
5. 30 pc Zipper Pouch- Excellent for organizing everything in your home, car, etc.
6. Jewelry Box- Form meets function with this highly rated jewelry storage solution
7. Magnetic Spoons- One of my favorite cooking gadgets
8. Acrylic Wine Glasses- Dishwasher safe and unbreakable. A repeat best seller!
9. Star Night Light- My kids sleep with this every night
10. Candle Wick Trimmer- I love using this to prolong the life of my candles
11. S&P Bamboo Box- Take daily seasoning storage to a new level on your countertop
12. Acrylic Cell Phone Stand- Easily prop your phone while working or cooking
13. Laundry Hamper- Collapsible and light. I love using these to distribute folded laundry to the appropriate bedroom
14. USB Lighter- Rechargeable and easy to light candles, grills and more
15. Clevermade Basket- Fully collapses to a flat rectangle so its great for storage
16. Urpower Clothes Steamer- Another travel essential
17. Over the Door Mount- Perfect for organizing closets and pantry
18. Packing Cubes- Compression packing cubes that are an overpacker's best friend
19. Raffia- A gift wrap staple, especially paired with cellophane
20. Kidde escape ladder- Hope we never have to use it, but happy we have it 
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