2023 Amazon Best Sellers

I've rounded up my top sellers from Amazon in 2023! These are the items that you all purchased the most throughout the year and honestly, some of them were a surprise to me! Who knew a multi-plug outlet converter would be your top purchase of the year? Guess everyone else was just as sick as me of alllllll the electrics taking up every outlet in the house! However, a lot of these items are things I absolutely love and use every single day so I'm glad you all liked them as much as I do. Take a peek at what all made this year's list! 
1. Multi Plug Outlet Extender / 2. Ice Roller and Gua Sha Set / 3. Portable Phone Charger / 4. Divided Snack Containers / 5. Travel Makeup Mirror / 6. Reusable Water Balloons / 7. Silone Measuring Cup / 8. Women's Seamless Leggings / 9. One Shoulder Two Piece Swimsuit / 10. Acrylic Jewelry Organizer / 11. Acrylic Water Bottle Organizer / 12. Black Illusion Swimsuit / 13. Bug Fans / 14. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza / 15. Cabinet Lights / 16. Multicolored Swimsuit / 17. Bracelet Making Set / 18. Bed Pillows / 19. Battery Powered Screwdriver / 20. Travel Steamer 
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